Our Team

Vickie S. – Practice Manager13248401_10209317150586866_3122188366935355761_o

vivkie (200x150)Vickie has been the Practice Manager of the The Paw Patch Place since 2003! She loves seeing all of our happy, healthy patients  every day. Her favorite things about our veterinary clinic are our clients, their pets, and our family atmosphere. She is the proud Nana of four beautiful granddaughters!  She loves spending time with them, making art, baking, and watching scary movies. She loves Golden Retrievers and Dobermans because both breeds are great with kids!


Candy A. – Lead Veterinary Technician 13248401_10209317150586866_3122188366935355761_o

candyCandy has been working in the field of vet medicine for 25 years! She attended Cedar Valley Veterinary Technician program several years ago and joined our team in 2012. Candy loves the family feeling we have between staff members and clients. Her favorite part of working in the veterinary field is always getting to do something different! Candy enjoys reading, drag racing, and gardening. Her favorite breed is “wiener dogs” because of their spunky personalities. Candy has her own dachshund, Harry Potter, along with two chihuahuas, Tater and Belle, and a cat, Neo.


Charlotte T. – Registered Veterinary Technician


Charlotte joined The Paw Patch Place team in November of 2016 and is loving it! She completed her degree at The Vet Tech Institute at IBC and has been working in the field of veterinary medicine for 5 years! Charlotte loves getting to see cats everyday, old cats, kittens, and adults! But she loves dogs too! Her favorite breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for their eternal puppy looks. Outside of veterinary medicine, she enjoys seeing live music and eating spicy food. In fact, one of her tabby cat is named Spicy Frank Sriracha! He has a feline lynx point                                          sister named Sage.


Sabian B. – Registered Veterinary Technician13248401_10209317150586866_3122188366935355761_o

Sabian became a part of the Paw Patch Place family this year, January 2017! She is a new graduate from The Vet Tech Institute at IBC and we couldn’t be happier with her! She loves caring for the wide variety of patients we see here at The Paw Patch Place and our caring, family-like team keeps her smiling each day! She couldn’t choose a favorite breed, because she falls in love with all of them! Outside of veterinary medicine, she likes to spend time with her loved ones, go to the movies and exercise! She is a proud dog mom to a spoiled beagle named Molly.


Grace C. – Veterinary Technician13248401_10209317150586866_3122188366935355761_o


Grace is a graduate of IBC. After completing her externship through the Paw Patch Place in 2017 we hired her on as a full time vet technician. She is a wonderful addition to our team! Grace is passionate about helping animals and she loves the fact that we are a “Fear Free” clinic which meets each patients individual needs. Grace’s hobbies include photography, concerts, festivals and taking her pups, Jasper, Bea and Kora, to the park. Her favorite breed of dog is a Shiba inu because they are so cute and look like little foxes. Besides her three dogs Grace has 2 cats, Amber and                                               Nova and two guinea pigs Daisy and Winnie.


Julie P. – Veterinary Assistant

001 (800x600)Julie joined the Paw Patch Place team in 2010. She received her training from The Vet Tech Institute at IBC. She loves working at the Paw Patch Place because we have “the coolest staff ever”. Julie considers herself a cat-person and loves being able to work with cats and kittens every day. She loves all kinds of cats but the fluffier the better! She is the proud owner of two dogs-Link and Cooper, 5 cats-Ozzy, Ninja, Nico, Bug, Bear, a guinea pig- Debbie Gibson, and a tortoise-Tortie. When she isn’t at work or playing with her own herd of animals, Julie likes to play video games.


Kyle M. – Lead Receptionist13248401_10209317150586866_3122188366935355761_o

kyle (200x150)Kyle considers herself a “Jack of all trades, Master of none”. Kyle first entered the field of veterinary medicine when she joined our team as a receptionist in 2006. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is working with different kinds of dogs. She likes mixed breed dogs because they’re always a surprise and they have lots of personality! In her spare time, Kyle enjoys reading a good book, travelling to new places, and spending time with family (especially her two grandchildren). Kyle has two dogs at home, Benson and Emerald.


Saprina G. – Receptionist

Saprina has bee016n a wonderful addition to our team, joining us in 2016! This is her first venture into Veterinary Medicine, but she is already in love with it! Saprina loves seeing how all the dogs and cats are happy when they leave. She  enjoys working with the animals and the rest of our team every day. In her spare time Saprina likes roller skating, salsa dancing, and cooking. Her favorite pets are the little ones, because they are so cute and love to cuddle. Her own pup is certainly small, he is a Chihuahua named RayRay.


Micheala M. – Groomer

michaelaMichaela brought her grooming skills to our veterinary hospital in May of 2015. She has been professionally grooming for eight years and trained at the Petsmart Grooming Academy. She loves working in our clinic because of our supportive staff that treats you like family. Micheala enjoys grooming because of the connection she makes with her clients and their pets. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. Her favorite breed is a mutt because her house is full of them! She owns 3 dogs-Callie, Carina, and Linus, and a cat named Lyin.