Behavior Therapy

The Paw Patch Place is pleased to offer pet behavior consult appointments with Dr. Delong. 

We have the staff and equipment to ensure safety for everyone and assess the pet’s behavior in a more neutral environment. This is especially important in cases of aggression.

A behavior therapy session includes a 2 hour behavior consult appointment, written up behavioral recommendations for the owner and follow up by phone or e-mail to see how the pet’s behavior is progressing. If behavioral modification medications are recommended for your pet then blood work can be done during the appointment.  In some cases, especially with severe aggression or anxiety, we may recommend a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial visit.

After scheduling your appointment, please fill out the following questionnaire to help our veterinary team determine the best course of action in working with your pet:

Behavior Evaluation Questionnaire

Upon completion, please email the form to Dr. Jean.