Aug 15 2019

Blue-Green Algae Advisory

Reports of pet exposure to blue-green algae have increased as the summer heats up. The overgrowth is stimulated by the presence of high levels of nitrogen, which often occurs following flooding or runoff from heavy rains in fields and pastures where there is manure from livestock, heavy fertilizer use, or after grass or forest fires.

Swimming in or drinking from a contaminated water source can put your pet at risk for this toxin. Clinical signs include vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, weakness, seizures and sudden death. If your animal shows any of the clinical signs listed above, contact your veterinarian immediately.

At this time we are highly recommending to avoid swimming in natural water sources where this algae could be hiding. Instead, have fun in your backyard with a pool filled with fresh water, or find an indoor dog friendly pool around town!

For more information refer to the links below:…/state-issues-advisory-about-blue-gree…/……/blue-green-algae-and-other-water……/…/blue-green-algae-symptoms-tips/…

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