Oct 25 2017

Canine Influenza – Should I get my dog vaccinated?

Canine Influenza (CIV) or Canine Flu is a contagious viral respiratory disease in dogs. Up to 20% of dogs infected with CIV can develop serious diseases, such as pneumonia, which require hospitalization. Some fatalities have been reported.

This virus can be spread on clothing, hands, shoes, bowls, and toys, as well as via direct contact. CIV can live in the environment for up to 24 hours. There are two strains of CIV – H3N8, and the more serious H3N2. Both types have been reported in Indiana.

The Paw Patch Place has been closely monitoring nearby outbreaks of CIV. We are now recommending the vaccination of any dogs that may go to boarding kennels or doggy daycares. We are currently carrying the Canine Flu Bivalent Vaccine that protects against both strains. The vaccine must be given in two doses, two to four weeks apart. Immunity is achieved two weeks after the second dose.

If you plan to board your pet over the upcoming holidays or if you have any questions or concerns, please call us soon at (317) 253-5964 to make an appointment so that your pet will be protected in time for boarding.

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